Real estate data is the digital backbone for companies in the property sector that are striving for a sustainable and future-oriented approach. It provides a data-driven foundation to meet the challenges of the industry in a rapidly evolving world and respond effectively to the opportunities of the future.

Data pool

Our data pool comprises a wide range of property-related data:

Property data

  • Comprehensive information on the Swiss building and housing stock, including addresses, coordinates and building geometries
  • 3D building, digital elevation and surface models to support location analyses
  • Regularly updated official surveys of buildings and plots
  • Development potential with access to zoning plans and building zones
  • Information from the land register about owners
  • Active and historical property listings from over 8 million adverts
  • Suitability of roofs and facades for solar energy
  • Purchase and rental price trends (listings and transactions) and price estimates

Location and neighbourhood information

  • Information on environmental factors such as tranquillity, views, services and more
  • Almost 400 thousand points of interest with over 90 types
  • Current data on construction projects and vacancies in Switzerland
  • Information on accessibility, journey times and public transport capacity with over 57 thousand transport points
  • Current health insurance premiums and tax data for all municipalities
  • Federal election and voting results and economic distribution such as labour market figures
  • Demographic data on the population for all municipalities in Switzerland
  • Current hazard maps and contaminated site registers for environmental and hazard information
  • ESG-relevant information: modelled energy indicators, CO2 emissions, life cycle of buildings, socio-demographic information


Our data is generated through a powerful mix of automation, APIs, geocoding, crawling and machine learning (computer vision and natural language processing). This data-driven approach not only ensures accuracy and timeliness, but also allows us to integrate innovative technologies into our data strategy. We use intelligent methods to ensure that our property data is not only informative, but also forward-looking. In addition, our agile data infrastructure enables ad-hoc reporting within a short period of time, allowing us to react flexibly to current requirements and offer customised analyses for high-quality, timely insights into the property market.

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