As a property company, you cover a wide range of services. If you do not have the resources to devote the same amount of attention to all topics, Avobis can help. Whether it’s securing a construction loan, optimising financing costs, planning or supervising construction, positioning a property product, finding a suitable buyer – Avobis and its more than 50 experts are there to support you. We understand the complex challenges you face and work in partnership with you to implement your strategy.

We offer solutions for your needs

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Our property consultancy services provide the relevant decision-making basis for successful and sustainable property development. We offer:

  • Location and market analyses
  • Sustainability and portfolio analyses
  • Feasibility studies, scenic assessments, status analyses
  • Process support
  • State-of-the-art method valuations and yield assessments of residential, commercial and specialised properties or land as a second opinion on a purchase or sale offer, for acquisition valuations or for project assessments
  • Customised client representation:
    • Representation of your interests
    • Quality assurance
    • Deadline and cost control

Property companies benefit from us as a sparring partner and can obtain services from us that they do not have in their own portfolio. We are solely committed to the interests of our clients and are always committed to finding the best possible solution.

Our range of financing services covers a variety of property projects, including construction projects, promotional projects and investment properties. We offer financing solutions for office properties, commercial properties and owner-occupied properties, provided the financing volume exceeds CHF 5 million. We provide the following services for you:

  • Analysis of the portfolio of existing properties
  • Development of a customised financing strategy
  • Advice on contracts, various financing products
  • Arranging promotional and yield financing

We accompany you through the entire sales process of portfolios or investment properties such as office, commercial, retail and logistics properties as well as apartment blocks, whether through an asset deal, share deal or a forward deal of a project with planning permission.

We offer you:

  • Discounted cash flow valuations of properties
  • Analysing the properties, determining the most important value drivers, preparing the sales documents
  • Strategic sales advice
  • Tax optimisation of the transaction in collaboration with established tax experts
  • Handling all negotiations

Our clients benefit from our extensive network of potential buyers.

From the greenfield site to handing over the keys, our experienced marketing team will advise and support you in a committed, cost-effective and targeted manner during initial lettings and sales. We offer:

  • Advice on project development
  • Market analysis to clarify earnings potential and identify optimisation opportunities
  • Customised marketing and repositioning concepts
  • Search for tenants (private, office and commercial)
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