The Avobis Market Mirror provides you with a 15-page overview of the most important key figures in the residential property market, broken down into the 16 major Swiss labour market regions. The most important data on demand, supply and market results as well as an outlook enable investors to assess developments in the individual functionally related regions. The Avobis Market Review thus supports portfolio decisions, helps to assess investment quality and provides categorising data and indicators for location investment decisions, as it highlights regional dynamics, opportunities and increasing risks. The market review uses the latest data to help categorise the yield and property markets and thus identify interesting Swiss regions and market opportunities. The individual analyses are updated every six months.

Extract from the 15-page Avobis market mirror – only available in German

The Avobis Market Mirror contains a total of 15 pages of data, charts and analyses for each major labour market region:

  • Key figures for the large labour market region
  • Population
  • Household structure
  • Sector structure / user segments
  • Flat park
  • Flat park: Apartment sizes (MFH)
  • Market liquidity
  • Market liquidity: by room category
  • Prices for rented flats
  • Home ownership prices
  • Price ranges for rented flats
  • Price ranges for owner-occupied flats
  • Market outlook

On request, the data can be compiled at a small-scale level in order to make a well-founded assessment of individual locations for property investments. With one of the largest geodata pools in Switzerland, Avobis has a wealth of additional small-scale data on the building stock, property prices, sustainability, densification potential, location qualities and also on the commercial property markets.

You can download the market survey for each major labour market region here (in German only):

Market mirror

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Would you like to make a well-founded assessment of an individual location? Are you interested in the developments and prospects of a specific region? We have the relevant data for you and analyse it in a way that is tailored to your specific requirements.

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