Healthcare costs are rising year on year – as are the sums that need to be invested in care homes and hospitals, their infrastructure and in new technologies. At the same time, the profit margins of most institutions are falling, which makes investment costs more important. Avobis can provide you with professional advice and support on questions such as whether a conversion or even a new building makes sense, what the right financing model is, how construction financing should be arranged or how the interest costs can be hedged over the entire term.

We offer healthcare institutions customised and comprehensive real estate and financing services for sustainable solutions in various areas:

As part of our financing advice, we analyse the current financing structure and identify potential for optimisation. We take on tenders for new financing and refinancing for you and offer advice on interest rate hedging. And we develop customised financing strategies, support their implementation and manage the entire financing portfolio.

We provide support in the optimisation of construction projects, because the levers for effective cost planning lie in the strategic concept. We show you how to keep construction costs under control. By means of a holistic review of the properties, we support you in determining whether your floor plans are still flexible enough, whether the building structure is suitable for operational or regulatory adjustments, whether the energy efficiency is up to date or whether there is general potential for optimisation and utilisation. For your sustainable property development, we act as a client consultant or representative at every stage.

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