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The information on this website is intended solely for investors in Switzerland.
Units from collective investment schemes may not be offered, sold or delivered in the United States of America to US persons or to persons resident or domiciled in the United States of America and/or to any other person or entity whose income and/or gains, regardless of source, are subject to US income tax, or to persons who qualify as US persons under Regulation S under the US Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or within the United States of America and its territories. The information contained in this section is not available to qualified investors – within the meaning of Art. 10 para. 3 and 3ter of the Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes of 23 June 2006 – domiciled in Switzerland.

No advice/not an offer

The information provided on this website is for advertising purposes. It does not constitute investment advice, is not otherwise based on a consideration of the recipient’s personal circumstances and is not the result of objective or independent financial analysis. The information provided is not legally binding and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell investment funds or to engage in any other transaction. Investments should only be made after a thorough reading of the latest legal prospectus and/or the investment regulations, the articles of incorporation, the Basic Information Sheet (BIB) and the latest annual or semi-annual report, which can be obtained free of charge in German from the fund management company (Pernet von Ballmoos AG, Zollikerstrasse 226, 8008 Zurich as well as or the custodian bank (Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, Place Saint-François 14, 1001 Lausanne as well as

Selling restrictions and fund documents

The Swiss collective investment schemes that appear on this website have been approved by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) or are authorised for sale in Switzerland. Please note that the circle of approved investors is limited to so-called “institutional qualified investors”. The fund documents provide information on this and any further restrictions on the group of investors. Insofar as this website contains details and information on collective investment schemes for qualified investors, these details and information are directed exclusively at qualified investors within the meaning of Art. 10 para. 3, 3ter of the Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act.
The value and yield of units may rise and fall. They are affected by market volatility and exchange rate fluctuations. Past performance is not indicative of current or future performance. The value and yield trends do not take into account any costs and fees incurred when purchasing, redeeming and/or converting the units. Avobis Credit Services AG does not guarantee the realisation of the anticipated increases in value. Detailed information on securities trading and investments in collective investment schemes can be found in the brochure “Special Risks in Securities Trading” published by the Swiss Bankers Association. The only documentation relevant for an investment decision can be obtained from Avobis Credit Services AG, Brandschenkestrasse 38, 8001 Zurich.

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