What we offer

  • Mortgage sales
  • Initial contact with mortgage borrowers
  • Credit analysis: customer and property creditworthiness
  • Approval process
  • Contracts
  • Invoicing
  • Collection
  • Recovery in the event of defaults

We take care of the asset class mortgages – you as an investor or mortgage lender can focus on your core business, benefit from first-class service quality, have full transparency in your portfolio and not only lower but also clearly plannable costs and state-of-the-art reporting.


«The Sulzer Pension Scheme has outsourced its mortgage management and entrusts it in full to Avobis. Even in the difficult investment environment, we rely on the experienced mortgage specialists at Avobis. Thank you so much.»

Peter Strassmann
Managing Director Sulzer Vorsorgeeinrichtung (SVE)

«The shared digital workflow of the state-of-the-art IT platform and the in-depth skills of Avobis employees ensure that we can process the demanding applications of our wealth management clients promptly, efficiently and in compliance with the highest current security standards.» 

François Sierro
Head of Credit, Bank Vontobel

«We’ve been successfully working with Avobis as a loyal partner in mortgage sourcing and administration for over 20 years. Our portfolio, which has grown to CHF 1.5 billion, is now one of the best performing of its kind. We greatly appreciate our long-standing cooperation with Avobis.» 

Alexandrine Kiechler
Managing Director Credit Suisse Investment Foundation

«Thanks to Avobis, we were able to expand our clients’ mortgage portfolio to an impressive CHF 1.5 billion within five years! We have always benefited from Avobis’s flexible set-up and many years of experience.» 

Maurizio Pedrini, Portfolio Managment Swisscanto Investment Foundation Mortgages Switzerland
Andreas Granella Rund


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