Commercial property city district 4, Zurich

Liegenschaft Kreis 4


The property is being vacated by the long-term «single tenant» and needs to be repositioned. The building fabric is of high quality, but the energy and fire protection concept is outdated. 


Based on the analysis of all relevant framework conditions (location, real estate market, planning law, land register, etc.), possible development scenarios were conceived and evaluated. In this way, the «highest and best use» could be identified and the decision-making basis for optimising the value in the context of a project development or a sale of the property could be created.


In the context of a conversion with an additional storey and repositioning of the use concept (residential instead of office), a significant increase in value can be achieved compared to pure continuation with new leasing.

David Berlart Rund


David Belart

Head of Development & ESG

Tel. +41 58 255 39 94

Brandschenkestrasse 38
8001 Zurich