What we do

  • Build a sustainable portfolio across Switzerland (excl. Ticino and Geneva) in sub-centres and the associated agglomerations
  • Build a sustainability-compliant portfolio that can practically manage without significant CAPEX expenses in the next 5 to 10 years
  • Manage the properties, the SICAV’s sub-assets and all necessary measures for continuing distribution to the investors in line with market conditions

The fund’s real estate portfolio promises a stable return, as it already complies with the expected future legislation in the area of sustainability and is therefore extremely low in CAPEX in the future. In this way, investors can counterbalance existing exposures, as the old portfolio will require above-average CAPEX in the coming years due to the various legislative changes in the area of sustainability. This will reduce distributions and may even make it necessary to inject further equity.  

Portfolio target values

Long-term debt financing

Avobis is aware of the positive effects of sustainable and sensible external financing. In the long term, the fund should have a moderate debt ratio of around 25%; in the development and start-up phase, however, the debt ratio will be around 40% in order to quickly achieve good diversification and risk distribution.

Experience makes all the difference

Avobis has extensive experience in real estate appraisal and asset management. We maintain a realistic, preferably conservative assessment, model all relevant components and thus prepare a comprehensive ten-year plan for every property.

Purchasing returns

In today’s market, we expect purchasing returns of between 4% and 5% on a sustainably achievable and stable gross actual rent.

Distribution return

At least 3% p.a.


Fund nameAvobis Swiss Residential Fund
ISIN/ValorValor: 112115271 / ISIN: CH1121152719
Fund domicile/currencySwitzerland/CHF
Legal formSwiss SICAV
Portfolio ManagementAvobis Invest AG, Zürich
Fund managementPvB Pernet von Ballmoos AG, Zürich
Custodian bankBanque Cantonale Vaudoise, Lausanne
Use of incomeDistribution
Indicative NAVQuarterly
TradabilitySecondary trading via Banque Canontale Vaudoise, Lausanne
Redemption of fund unitsAt the end of the financial year, subject to a 12-month notice period
Accounting year1 January to 31 December
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